Something for myself…

That’s really what I want this blog to be; and I know that may sound unappealing or maybe even a bit perplexing (personally I can’t help but wonder sometimes why people put anything out for the public’s eye if they have no interest in how others take it), but hear me out for a moment…  To me, the only manner in which any form of expression can resonate with another human is through sincerity. Sincerity to yourself, to what you believe in, to what you feel, to your own conscience and not a meticulously-made criteria built from the objective approaches of others.

I think far too often we get caught up with what everyone else is saying we forget to say anything for ourselves. If art is the language of emotion, then it is inherently abstract, something that can’t really be fully translated in any other form but the one it’s made in. What’s exciting about the untranslatable is that from learning of other’s attempts to translate, the way we interact with that work of art emotionally may change, and therefore the fundamental conversation between you and the artist begins to carry more weight.

If there’s one thing that I see is lacking in the blog format, it’s the emphasis on personal, even emotional insight. Most blog posts, podcasts, vlogs, articles that I see reviewing creative works are concerned with finding an objective way to label something that is ultimately a subjective thing. I do see the value in rationalizing art this way, how else could we differentiate the intentions of Steven Spielberg versus Adam Sandler, 5 Seconds of Summer versus Radiohead, John Green versus Cormac McCarthy… but I also think this perspective, which seems to me based completely in intellectualism and how thoroughly you’ve researched the topic at hand, puts too much emphasis on the general “quality” of a work of art, a label that is really only important to people who try hard enough to achieve the same sort of disillusionment.

One of the many beautiful things about artistic expression despite the value it brings to your own life, is knowing the value other human beings bring to it through their own unique perspectives. I think just as a creation is reflective of its creator, how you interpret that creation can be reflective of your own self, and that gives me a pretty awesome image of an invisible artistic network that is constantly in motion… Like a tree with branches and shit… Essentially, I want this blog to be reflective of my own self. Specifically, I’d like to use it as an outlet for me to give insight on the artistic mediums I am most passionate about, cinema and music, in addition to other things I’d find worthwhile sharing, challenging, or commenting upon.

My main goal in publicizing all of this, besides bleeding myself through the text, is that I can influence you to look at a work of art differently, that I can contribute to your personal conversation with the artist in a way that feels refreshing or eye-opening, as well as inspire you to bring your own unique insight into the picture. This blog is also sort of a challenge for myself. It’s been frightfully difficult for me to write about anything since I entered my junior year of high school almost 2 years ago, and I’m hoping that if I give myself a loose, informal enough outlet, it can become a project I use at a very regular basis that exercises my intellect and entertains my passionate, rambling thoughts that I will never escape. If this site gains momentum, I hope it can become something even bigger and more significant than just that… We’ll see though. For now, all I can assure you is that with each post I share on here, you have my absolute sincerity.


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